Disrupting the Industry & Building the Future with ORANGEBEAM

As their appointed agency, Hill+Knowlton Strategies Malaysia was challenged to help build the reputation of entity, ORANGEBEAM and take the Group to listing. With over 30 years of experience, ORANGEBEAM’s business and its capabilities are known within the industry, but not much beyond that. While it is understood that part of that is an intentional media strategy, this means that ORANGEBEAM have not had much opportunity to build up its trust bank – especially with the public. ​

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Malaysia established the foundation work of building the branding of the new entity, ORANGEBEAM. Following a purpose workshop conducted, agency developed a message house that not only distinctly highlights the company’s brand promise, DNA and aspirations but also their achievements throughout the years. As it would be too self-serving and inauthentic for ORANGEEBAM to promote itself broadly, the agency positioned the award-winning builder as an ally of the construction industry and be a facilitator in helping to raise the profile and relevant issues of the broader industry – to become a prominent voice for the industry.

Via the new pillars that formed the company’s new key messaging, agency successfully created and built the branding of new entity, ORANGEBEAM. To further position ORANGEBEAM as a disruptor of the construction industry, Group CEO Dato’ Faris Yahaya were featured on editorial interviews and byline articles – all stories targeted at specific media and purposefully gained the intended narrative. Dato’ Faris has also solidified himself as a public speaker, being invited to industry-level forums and conventions to address the challenges of the construction industry and how players can respond.

Sector: Financial + Professional Services
Office: Kuala Lumpur

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