Knocking Our Way Into Consumer’s Minds With LG InstaView Door-in-Door™ Refrigerator

Creating awareness and driving conversations on LG Electronics’ newest refrigerator model – LG InstaView Door-In-Door™ Refrigerator through a 6-month influencer-led campaign to highlight the benefits of its hygienic features for consumers’ health and well-being.

The home appliance was first introduced to Malaysians in January 2021, which first made it appearance at the CES 2021.


Lumos Hill+Knowlton Strategies Malaysia – via our counterpart, LG-One Malaysia – worked around the challenges of the pandemic – to carry out an influencer-led awareness campaign that targeted the masses as well as more affluent audience.


Targeting the masses is important for LG in establishing its leadership market positioning in providing Malaysians with appliances that are centered on health and hygiene. It was also equally crucial to promote the product among audience with buying power as the product is priced higher than its competitors.


The campaign featured prominent A-listers such as Siti Saleha, Shaheizy Sam, Syatilla Melvin, Amar Baharin and Amyra Rosli and affluent personalities such as Debbie Goh and Chryseis Tan – who all highlighted its “knock-knock” feature, a first-of-its-kind in this product category.

The campaign generated over
50 million impressions and USD10 million in PRV.

Sector: Technology
Specialist expertise: Media Relations
Office: Kuala Lumpur

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