Redefining The Foraging Experience With The Botanist

Redefining the communication context by working with local partners to inspire audiences to reconnect with nature and address the imperativeness on urban farming in today’s environment while concurrently educating the public on The Botanist’s philosophies and values while addressing the importance of urban farming.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Malaysia and The Botanist worked together with A Little Farm on The Hill and CityFarm Malaysia to bring local media and influencers on a journey of self-discovery to become one with nature via an experiential-led workshop in Janda Baik, Pahang. The workshop, which aims to educate guests on The Botanist’s philosophies and values, the workshop also addressed the growing need to cultivate urban farming in today’s deteriorating environment by inspiring more city farmers with the ability to grow locally from anywhere for a more sustainable future of food production.

Led by Bruichladdich’s Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador Chloe Wood, guests were treated to an opportunity to bring out their inner forager by embarking on their own foraging experience, providing an experiential platform for guests to forage their own herbs and craft the perfect cocktail.

The self-discovery session brought together 38 media and influencers and a collective value of MYR585k, with content generated across print, online and social media platforms.

Sector: Food + Drink
Specialist expertise: Media Relations
Office: Kuala Lumpur

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